Foxsuit.com is a site to help you on your hunt to find a new job. Whether you are currently out-of-work, looking for a better job, or re-entering the workforce, we aim to have something for everyone. We use the term job hunter because we like to think that we are the predators and jobs are the prey. The jobs are out there, but you have to be a clever fox to find them.

We will link to articles as well as featuring some original content.

In the coming months, we also plan to feature a members-only area that will offer resume services and other tools to keep your job hunt on track.

Foxsuit.com was started in September, 2009, by Chris Herdt, a web applications developer with business certificates from The Wharton School. He owns just one suit–a navy wool number with a fine herringbone pattern–that he bought when he graduated from college some eons ago. His collection of ties, on the other hand, is more impressive.

Happy hunting!