Will Starting a Blog Help Your Job Hunt?

I’ve seen a lot of articles lately suggesting that one way to boost your job hunt is by starting a blog (How Blogs Are Changing The Recruiting LandscapeHow a Blog Can Help Your Job Search). I am skeptical that blogging will help every job-hunter–the marketing professional stands to gain more by blogging than, say,  the accountant–but here are 3 ways blogging can help, even if web 2.0 and social media aren’t keywords on your desired job description:

1. Show You’re Current

This can be particularly helpful for workers who are re-entering the workforce after a few years off, or for older workers who, in spite of laws against age discrimination, may have a hard time convincing the whippersnappers reviewing their qualifications that they know a LOLcat from a YMMV.

Merely having a blog is going to demonstrate a willingness to embrace current technologies and trends, but best yet, blogging knowledgeably about the latest industry developments can impress prospective employers.

2. Industry Exposure & Networking

You’re bound to make some connections in the blogosphere if you stick around long enough and, as mentioned above, contribute content of interest. Those connections may help you find your next employer, or may even be your next employer.

This may be tough if you are looking to stay local and the industry is geographically widespread, but you can always focus your posts on a specific region or even specific companies if you are hoping to catch their attention.

3. Reveal Your Enthusiasm

Who would you want to hire, all other qualifications being equal: the competent person, or the competent person who spends time researching and writing about topics and trends in his or her field?

It reminds me of a recommendation I received for a dentist a few years back: “He talked about amazing advances in dentistry he’d just read about in the latest dentistry journal.” That’s the guy I want. He inspire confidence more than the guy who goes on and on about his latest fishing trip or golf outing.

We all want to hire people and work with people who like what they do and enjoy coming into work every day. Blogging about your field is a great way to show employers that you’re in it for more than just a paycheck. (Well, paycheck and benefits package.)


Starting a blog can take a lot of time, and involves not just creating valuable content, but marketing it. Prospective employers may google you, but they might not–so if you want to show how current and enthusiastic you are, you’ll have to bring it up.

That said, although you may find that your efforts may not be the silver bullet that lands you the job, most people do find it rewarding an engaging.  Few people regret starting a professional blog.

Getting Started

Popular (and free!) blogging services include:

If you want your very own domain name, I can recommend osric.net, which hosts foxsuit.com and provides blog software.

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