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Will Starting a Blog Help Your Job Hunt?

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

I’ve seen a lot of articles lately suggesting that one way to boost your job hunt is by starting a blog (How Blogs Are Changing The Recruiting LandscapeHow a Blog Can Help Your Job Search). I am skeptical that blogging will help every job-hunter–the marketing professional stands to gain more by blogging than, say,  the accountant–but here are 3 ways blogging can help, even if web 2.0 and social media aren’t keywords on your desired job description: (more…)

Free Services for the Job Hunter

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Companies are offering free services, from career counseling to computer software, to job hunters according to The Wall Street Journal (Helping Out-of-Work Clients). LexisNexis offers access to a variety of tools for laid-off lawyers (LexisNexis Lend a Hand), and Autodesk is offering networking sessions for unemployed designers as well as free students licences of its software (Autodesk Assitance Program).

I  saw an offer for a free copy of Adobe’s Flex Builder 3, a tool for building web applications with rich user interfaces, for unemployed software developers.

These offers benefit both job hunters and the companies: job hunters can use the networking and career coaching to find prosepctive employers, and learn new skills with the free software offers, and the companies get future loyal customers and a larger userbase of knowledgeable users.

What free offers for job hunters have you seen recently?