Keep Your Resume Polished

Careerealism’s 9 Reasons You Need a Résumé (Even If You Have a Job) points out that it is good to have your resume up-to-date even if you love your current job and plan on staying there.

Many of the tips are geared towards people who are self-employed (e.g. “Attract New Clients”), but the majority apply to anyone. It’s good advice and worth heading. (I know my own resume could use a little polish–the design is probably 10 years old, so it isn’t exactly showing my web skills in the best light.)

The best time to update your resume is every time you complete a major project or hit a new milestone. Tack on the new impressive accomplishment, think about what specific skills it demonstrates, and take time to weed out any old items, if they seem redundant. This way, your resume will probably get a little TLC at least a few times a year and will be ready when you need it.

Of course, for this updated resume to help you, someone has to see it. What’s the best way to share your resume? I have mine posted on a regular web page, which recruiters seem to find when they search for certain keyword combinations, but I doubt anyone else finds it.


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