Free Services for the Job Hunter

Companies are offering free services, from career counseling to computer software, to job hunters according to The Wall Street Journal (Helping Out-of-Work Clients). LexisNexis offers access to a variety of tools for laid-off lawyers (LexisNexis Lend a Hand), and Autodesk is offering networking sessions for unemployed designers as well as free students licences of its software (Autodesk Assitance Program).

I ¬†saw an offer for a free copy of Adobe’s Flex Builder 3, a tool for building web applications with rich user interfaces, for unemployed software developers.

These offers benefit both job hunters and the companies: job hunters can use the networking and career coaching to find prosepctive employers, and learn new skills with the free software offers, and the companies get future loyal customers and a larger userbase of knowledgeable users.

What free offers for job hunters have you seen recently?

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